3-5 Apr 2014 Montpellier-Narbonne (France)


Thank you all for coming to YAS 2014!



The Young Algaeneers Symposium is an international symposium in the field of algae biotechnology, organised by young scientists, for young scientists.

PhD students (and post-docs) are in the frontlines of science and this symposium provides a unique opportunity to participate in in-depth discussions, exchange knowledge, network with fellow young scientists and initiate collaborations.This symposium will bring together a diverse group of young scientists working on a broad range of topics such as photosynthesis, downstream processing, reactor operation and growth strategies, genetic engineering, life cycle analysis, growth and metabolic modelling and photobioreactor design. This symposium will be highly interactive, with ample time for informal discussions and networking.

The second edition will take place at Montpellier and Narbonne, from the 3rd to the 5th of April 2014. 

The first day of YAS 2014 will take place in Montpellier and will be coupled with the Alg'n'chem 2014 conference (see in the menu Alg'n'chem). Participants will thus have to arrive at Montpellier city. The next two days will take place in Narbonne, situated 100kms from Montpellier. The conference organizing committee will take care of transport from Montpellier to Narbonne the 3rd of April.

Discounts on YAS regisration fees will be made for persons who would like to attend the two conferences.

Conference organization

During the symposium, both oral and poster presentations will take place. Each of them should include an emphasis on the possible applications (i.e. molecule of interest, biofuels, wastewater treatment, etc.).

Participants should submit extended abstract of maximum three pages, which will be reviewed by a scientific committee composed of experimented scientists in the microalgal field. A MS word template is available here. For more details about abstract submission, see the submission section of this website.

Target group

The symposium is restricted to young scientists in the field of algae biotechnology:

  • MSc students.
  • PhD students.
  • Postdocs which are in their first four years of their postdoctoral research.
  • Young researchers who are under 35.


  • Genomic approaches: environmental adaptation, evolution, genomics and genetic engineering.
  • Physiological approaches: metabolism, photosynthesis, physiology.
  • Culture processes: strains selections, growth strategies and operating conditions, auto/mixo/heterotrophy, induction of stress and metabolic responses, mixed ecosystems.
  • Downstream processing: from lab-scale to industrial scale, photobioreactor and algae pond design, harvesting and extraction techniques, life-cycle analysis.
  • ...

Modelling studies are welcome for submission. 


A temporary program is available here.

Attendance to YAS 2014 & Alg'n'Chem 2014

If you wish, you can attend to the two conferences (Alg'n'Chem 2014 (31st March to 3rd April 2014) and YAS 2014 (3-5 April 2014)). A special discount of around 50€ will be made in this case.

Disclosure of extended abstracts

Submitted abstract will be reviewed by scientists in the field of microalgae. Accepted abstract will be given to all YAS2014 attendees on a USB key, in PDF format. A book of abstract containing the short abstract section of the extended abstracts will be printed and given as well to all attendees of the conference. 

Registration fees

Registration fees will be less than 200€ for YAS2014. The price includes coffee breaks, lunches, a gala dinner, transport from Montpellier to Narbonne the 03rd of April and a welcome package bag.




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